Chef Alain Llorca

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Alain Llorca
Intuitive and passionate maître restaurateur

From Spain and the Mediterranean, from Provence and the local land, Alain Llorca has created a cuisine subtly influenced by his origins.


The love of flavours and the search for pleasure

The circle is complete. It was here, while enjoying a dish in this Bastide that would become his restaurant, that Alain Llorca had a revelation thirty years ago. This revelation was his vocation: gourmet cuisine.

A chef influenced by the Mediterranean, Alain Llorca soon took charge of renowned and Michelin-starred kitchens (Les Peintres, the Negresco, Le Moulin de Mougins…),

In 2012, it was at the head of his eponymous restaurant that he was once again distinguished by a star in the Michelin guide. Creative and with fine taste and generosity of spirit, Alain Llorca offers refined cuisine, synonymous with discovery and pleasure. Like a balancing act, he seeks the perfect match, absolute precision for a high-class recipe

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What I like in the kitchen is to arouse curiosity before awakening the senses and giving pleasure


Join Alain Llorca in his search for the best products

The Courmettes sheep farm

Share a moment of life with Alain Llorca and discover an often unnoticed dimension of his cuisine. A dimension that brings so much, an indefinable singularity, a memorable story or an unusual flavour…

a family kitchen

Jean-michel Llorca

Jean Michel Llorca, pastry chef and dessert creator, is passionate about the sweetness and delicacy of flavours. Inspired by the current menus, his recipes revisit classic combinations for creations that are as surprising as they are exquisite.

I want to follow in my brother’s footsteps, knowing that the dessert marks the end of a meal and should be as close as possible to it.